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July 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

We’re still in Champaign Illinois  at D & W Lake campground and we’ve decided that staying put for a while is not conducive to staying young.  We need to be moving!

Before we can act on our bad case of hitch itch, we need a few more doctor’s appointments to stabilize Harrison’s eye medications now that hopefully all procedures have been done.  So we are still thinking we will take off right after Labor Day. 

We enjoyed having Harrison’s brothers and some extended family here in June although we were in a little fog and took few pictures.  Our extended family came from Houston TX, St Petersburg FL, and Urbana IL while David and Jan came from State College PA and Roger and Pat with daughter’s family came from the Aurora IL area.  It made for quite a group that was able to stay for several days.

The weekend of the Fourth of July brought a very nice fireworks show shot off from across the lake just for the campground guests.  They reflected nicely in the lake which was as calm as a mirror.  The fireworks actually took place between rain events.  The result was fantastic.

The next day they had the annual picnic in the pavilion garage because of rain – all day.  Despite that it was very nice and both of us won a prize!

One of the wonderful events that took place during our stay here is Harrison’s hernia repair. That turned out to be pretty much a non-event because it went so smoothly. 

We have been walking the corridors of the Market Place Mall because we are able to walk farther there – probably because of the smooth and flat surface.  It’s cooler there too.  Of course the distractions help pass the time such as Victoria’s Secret, the jewelry stores, and of course the new Field and Stream store.  Today we passed a kiosk with this sign that caught our eye.

The kiosk rents electric animal scooters to ride around the mall so the ID requirement probably makes sense but it looks a little odd.

A while back, we got a sample of oriental food as we passed through the food court – both times!

Sometimes, Peg stops to shop a special and then catches up – she is the faster walker.

Spring Update

March 26, 2016 § 3 Comments

We wintered in Florida in the Ocala National Forest and the Osceola National Forest with roads and sites like these.




This was the first winter that we used a Little Buddy propane heater instead of the furnace to save electricity.   To economize on the cost of propane, we refilled the one pound canisters from our 20 pound barbecue tank using a snoozle.  It worked great and saved us at least 75% of the cost of propane canisters.



We started our trip north with stays at two Lake Seminole campgrounds where we both had the stomach flu at the same time.  Oh what fun we have!

Then it was on to Hardridge Campground on Walter George Lake in Alabama
near Fort Gaines GA.   Our campsite was on a peninsula with water on both sides.




We are now at Dewayne Hayes Campground near Columbus MS on the Tenn-Tom Waterway.   We get quite a kick out of watching the tugs pushing barges on the waterway.


We will eventually dart up to South Dakota to renew our driver’s licenses then back down to Champaign Illinois to D & W Lake campground where we have reservations for four months starting May 1st.  We might not stay the whole four months depending on how we feel.

Happy Easter to everyone.   Don’t eat too much celebrating the resurrection.

Ocean Pond

January 4, 2016 § 3 Comments

We left the flooding behind yesterday and drove east to the Ocean Pond campground in the Oceola National Forest east of Lake City Fl.   We secured a nice site with plenty of privacy.



Florida has agricultural inspection stations similar to California’s.   We have always passed them by when pulling the trailer and did so yesterday when entering Florida.   Soon afterwards,  there was a blue light flashing in back of us.  The officer informed us that the trailer needn’t stop but the van did.  We then had our inspection by the side of the road.  It wasn’t much of an inspection though once the doors were opened and the officer gasped at the load of domestic paraphernalia.   We got off with warning so the next time we will drive through the inspection lane so the officer can wave us through.

Rising Waters

January 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

This is one of our favorite spots but not right now.  We are on a higher interior site.


The water is still rising and will crest Monday morning.   We are leaving tomorrow morning.

Flint River flooding

December 31, 2015 § 2 Comments

We got released from the Dr’s care yesterday and will proceed to other parts on Monday.

Hopefully the flooding will be down.  Although the water is due to rise 3 more feet.





We’re glad we are not parked in a space next to the water now.  The lowest patio/deck is about to be breached and the three lowest campsites have been evacuated.

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015 § 3 Comments

We slept with the windows open last night here in southwest Georgia but we got our lights up for Christmas.



Merry Christmas!

We are still here

December 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

Our home for two weeks at Eastbank campground near Chattahoochee FL on Lake Seminole.


Eastbank campground site 12


Eastbank campground site 12 back yard

We moved on Sunday back to Hales Landing campground near Bainbridge GA from Eastbank campground.  Now we will be here for two weeks.  Both campgrounds are on Lake Seminole about 30 miles apart. We are biding our time to give Harrison’s  eye pressure a chance to stabilize.   Since the pressure was slowly lowering on the 4th , the doc did not want to kill any more of the celiary body with cryotherapy because it could end up to be too much.  That would turn the eye into a raisin.   We’ll see on the 30th if it has stabilized.  If it has, then the question is if the pressure is low enough.  If not low enough he will kill a couple more spots otherwise we head on south for the rest of the winter.

Since the drains in the eye are shot, the idea is to reduce the liquid that is created in order to control the pressure.  The liquid is created by the celiary body that surrounds the eye.  The more of that that is killed the less liquid that is created.  The vision in that eye is almost gone but we want to save what peripheral vision is left.

So we are still here within commuting range for the Doctor in Dothan AL.

Although we had a cold spell for a couple days, the weather here has been very nice.  We certainly made the right call by heading southeast instead of southwest this winter.  The weather out there has been cold, windy, and wet.  Actually  we are now in a wet pattern ourselves but warm.  Looks like we will break records for Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all.  Take care wherever you are in this crazy weather.

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