Our Casita/Van Combo and it’s Travels

November 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

We bought our new GMC van in October 2003 and immediately started breaking it in so we could hit the road with it.  We then had to add more miles before we could pull a trailer.  I think we had 10,000 miles or so on the van when we picked up our Casita from the factory in Rice Texas in March 2004.


We do not have a mileage indicator on the Casita but we estimate that we have driven 30,000 miles or so without the Casita attached to the van.  The van has over 180,000 miles on it so the Casita has gone something like 150,000 miles in 7 plus years.

We have parked overnight in  a variety of locations – some with utility hookups and some without – some parking lots – some RV parks where the RVs are parked side by side like the tines of a comb – some state parks – and some national forests.  Now that we are full time travelers with no agenda, we stay mostly in national forests and at Corps of Engineers lakes.  We have a generator so we do not worry too much about utility hookups.

We love the clean fresh air nature provides.  Sometimes the wildlife gets particularly friendly such as when a sandhill crane fell in love with us at a campsite in Lake Kissimmee State Park Florida.

Sometimes our schedules have not gone as planned.  There was one evening we remember that we were late getting torn down at a show and arrived at the state park we had planned to stay at just as they locked the gates.  We started to drive toward our next destination seeking a place to stay.  When it became clear that all the organized parks in Florida were closed to new arrivals for the night, we pulled into a Flying J Travel Center.  The RV parking section was full so we had to park in the restaurant parking lot with its narrow spaces.  We were concerned all night that someone would park next to us so tight that we would not be able to get out our door.  That did not happen but it did affect the quality of that stay.

Most full timers have larger RVs than we do but we are meeting more and more who are thinking of downsizing and a few who actually have downsized.  Actually, our Casita has most things the big guys have except space.  We would not trade for anything we have seen.

We are on the road more than a lot of rvers.  Many of them stay put for six months here and six months there.  We like to move on every week or two.  We find that in that time we have memorized all the streets in the area and know what aisle each food item is in at the grocery store.  That is when it is time to seek new adventures.  Hopefully adventures with warm temperatures.


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§ 2 Responses to Our Casita/Van Combo and it’s Travels

  • tinycamper says:

    Glad to find your blog. We just bought a new-to-us 2005 Casita, so I’m happy to discover another Casita blog.

    I look forward to following your travels. Loved the Sandhill crane photos!

    • tinycamper

      We looked at the Aliners when we were first shopping. They looked pretty clever – but we think you will like the Casita better.


      Glad you liked our infatuated sandhill crane. They are hard to get rid of when they get attached.

      I tried to add a picture of our Van/Casita combo after we had published the post but it would not work for some reason.


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