Mosquito Repellant

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I (Harrison) was a little younger – about 55 years ago, I remember being out in the woods with a bunch of other guys in heavy fatigues carrying an M1 rifle laying on the ground staying close to a fallen tree so we would not get shot – of course we would not really have gotten shot – we were in basic training on an overnight training session. It was very hot and the mosquitoes were thick. We had to be careful of our night vision when the machine guns fired tracer bullets through the trees. We had each been issued a little bottle of oily substance containing DEET for the mosquitoes. I had dutifully applied it over all exposed skin including my face and it mixed with the sweat and became a mess. Then it started to burn like fire. We determined later that I was allergic to DEET and from that time on I only used mosquito repellant that was DEET free.

This last summer, we were in the deep woods with a lot of mosquitoes and we decided to buy some really powerful repellant containing 40% DEET and to hell with the allergies. I had no reaction what so ever and the repellant worked wonderfully. It must have been something else in the army repellant that I was allergic to.

Live and learn!

Lake Seminole


Our last night at Lake Seminole was peaceful with a beautiful sunset and canoeists gliding by:


Ocean Pond


We are now at Ocean Pond Campground in the Osceola National Forest in northern Florida. It is near Olustee Florida – the site of a famous Civil War battle:


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