Juniper Springs Florida

December 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Juniper Springs is a historic area in the Ocala National Forest. The CCC constructed most of the features in the mid 1930’s including a water wheel that provided electricity for the campground. That wheel house is being renovated now to be as it was originally. The largest of the springs was made into a large swimming pool that drained past the wheel house turning the water wheel just before the cayack and canoe launching deck.


When we walked the nature trail board walk along the creek/river, I had an OOPS with the camera. I did not know I was recording as we walked. The result was interesting enough to show you here>


The other area of beautiful springs is at the other end of the wilderness walk. We saw a couple of otters swimming in the springs but they were too fast for me to fim.


§ 2 Responses to Juniper Springs Florida

  • Charlotte says:

    What causes the different colors on the water?

    • Hi!

      There is a spring bubbling up at the center of each of the light circles in the water. The white is limestone that has been eroded away from the underlying layers creating voids that eventually cave in exposing more springs. The effect is an iridescence that looks as if there are spot lights under the water. It really is rather eeire to look at.

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