Juniper Springs Turkeys

December 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

The morning we left Juniper Springs, we were greeted by a pack of maybe a dozen turkeys strolling through the campground pecking. Well the females were pecking. The males were too busy showing off their tail feathers.


Lake Dorr Spider Web

As we were getting ready to leave camp yesterday morning, we noticed this cobweb and realized that the spider was in the process of building it. It was suspended between two trees that were several feet apart.

After we did our laundry and grocery shopping, the spider had closed the circle about half way but we waited to take a picture of it. This morning the entire thing was gone as if it had never been there.


Lake Dorr Trees

The under story of palmettos and bushes provide a great deal of privacy between camp sites and the tall trees provide a quiet atmosphere that we find quite peaceful.

The entire camp site is covered with a flat grass that does not need mowing and is mostly covered with pine needles. We will hate to leave here tomorrow but we want to check out the new improvements at Big Bass Lake Campground even though the lake is dried up.



§ 2 Responses to Juniper Springs Turkeys

  • tinycamper says:

    I’m really enjoying your trip and photos. 🙂

    Did you use a generator or solar panels at Juniper Springs? We were there last year and managed to get by for 5 days on our batteries alone.

    • We used to get by on the house battery for as much as 5 nights BUT
      We made use of battery lanterns, we recharged the phones and computer in the truck, and we limited the use of the furnace. And of course there was no air conditioner use.

      We got our got our generator in April and use it an hour or so a day except when we get television. Our television eats up the battery fairly quickly. If we have to run the furnace very much, we need to recharge the battery. We try to keep the generator use to a minimum because the gas is expensive.

      Thanks for including us as one of your fellow bloggers.

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