Ortona South Lock Campground

January 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Goodwill Industries in this area contracts the maintenance for the campground and Corps offices and they do a fantastic job. The place is spotless, the grass is raked and edged, and there is lots of fresh bark around all the trees and shrubs.

The river is rather narrow and the locks are small but can hold several pleasure boats at once. Some pleasure boats that come through are actually yachts going to or coming from Lake Okeechobee or Fort Myers on the Gulf of Mexico. There is a small dam.

A small lock is beside the dam. This is the upstream gate to the lock chamber.

The boats have to wait until the water level is level with them before entering the chamber for raising or lowering.

When the water level is right, the boats enter. As you can see, some are sail boats.


Tomorrow is Move day

We will be going as far south as possible in the Everglades National Park to the Flamingo Campground – about four or five hours from here. We will be out of telephone service for a week to ten days before we will visit Homestead/Florida City for groceries, medicine, gas, and internet/phone service.

Flamingo used to feature a full scale resort in addition to the campground and marina but two hurricanes hit the everglades pretty hard with the first one destroying the resort and most of the marina several years ago. The campground has been improved since and the marina has been brought back to service but the resort has still not been replaced. The last time we were there two or three years ago, the resort was still a hulk of what used to be. It will be interesting to see what improvements have been made.

The weather should be good there – in the upper 60’s at night to the upper 70’s during the day. We were wondering today if this really was winter as we put on our shorts and washed the truck. The sun is really hot!



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