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September 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

When our computer went belly up, we had to finally get one of the new computers we had been looking at.  We ended up with a neat little computer appropriate to our desk (dinette) size.  The software that came with it was the starter versions from Microsoft.  We figured that would be fine for our simple needs.  That would have been true except that we found out quickly there must be an active internet connection for the software to work.  That is NOT acceptable for us because we boondock often with no phone/internet service.  We did not want to pay Microsoft for more software so we downloaded Apache Open Office 3 which includes text editing, spread sheet, presentation, data base, drawing, and a mathematical worksheet portion called formula.  It’s pretty neat and works great.  I think it comes from England.  Anyway, we discovered that it will not publish blog posts like Microsoft Word does so we were stuck publishing with our new smart phone using a mobile app from WorPress.

We finally got around to investigating other solutions and found Windows Live Writer which is a blog editor and publisher.  We just got it downloaded and started using it.  So far it seems to be doing the job great.

For those of you who procrastinate when it comes to backing up your computer files, we can attest that it is not fun to discover that you are missing a block of time when your computer quits.  Some data can be reconstructed but most of the missing data is on the broken computer which will cost $150 to retrieve.  We decided it was not worth the expense and have a three month period of amnesia.

In setting up our new computer – an Acer Aspire One – we had to download all kinds of software and browser.  This took up a sizable hunk of data space on our new phone plan.  You may recall that when we got our new phone and tablet we had to give up our unlimited data and subscribe to 2 GB segments of data.  Our tablet has 2 GB and our phone came with 4 GB for the price of 2.  Unfortunately, our sales rep put our hot spot on the tablet instead of the phone limiting our computer to the 2 GB limit.  All the downloading during the initial configurations almost ran us out of data space.  We wish we had thought to question where the hot spot was located.

We decided to go all the way with new software and downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser.  So far, we like it.  It is not as sophisticated as Internet Explorer but it works smoothly and fast.

Not only did our computer bite the dust but our refrigerator quit and we had a flat trailer tire on a busy interstate highway.  We have a very good road service plan that will change a tire for free but we decided to save time on the shoulder with the trucks whizzing by and change the tire our selves.  Of course we then had to get a new tire and yes replace another tire while we are at it.

The refrigerator can only be taken out and a new one put in by removing the rear window of the trailer.   The whole installation procedure was tight and expensive at $100 per hour.  That and the cost of the new refrigerator itself has put a crimp in the budget.  That’s life.


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§ 3 Responses to New Computer and Software

  • Roger says:

    I have been using that office softwqare for several years and I have even updated each time they send me updates which is nice. Sorry about the tire, of coucourse I knew avout the refrigerator, but you pay for that road service it is safer to use it.


    • You are probably right about using the service we pay for but I remember a cop once telling me that when parked on the shoulder of a busy interstate it was not IF you were hit but how SOON. So we decided to cut the time as short as possible and change the tire our selves.

      The last time we had a blow out the tire was on the van rear. I could not very well have tried to change that one. It was difficult to even get the jack under it. That time we were on a back road a few years ago and it took a long time for the service man to find us.

  • arkaypee says:

    I can see where that could be a problem.

    I just don’t want to see you get hit.

    A couple of years ago Betty (Pat’s sister) was on I-80 on the shoulder and she got hit and just dimolished her van and the goods in it (which was for her store).

    Luckily she wasn’t in the van or she , probably wouldn’t be here today.

    So, that is why I say what I say about the service.

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