Our temporary family

March 19, 2013 § 6 Comments

Last Friday Harrison went out in his PJ’s and threw out a sinker hook with some chicken liver on it and went in to shower.  After dressing and going back outside, the fishing rod was moving around a little.  After a long patient retrieval, the hook held the largest catfish we have ever seen.  While cleaning it, we noticed a couple of puppies in the next site whining at the fish cleaning.  They were shivering and hungry after obviously spending the night in the woods.  Peg gave them some bread and warm milk which they devoured quickly and decided to come over to our camp site.  After a while there appeared another puppy that had come out of the woods – we now had three puppies.  Peg fed the new puppy and the others joined in again.  Later still, the camp host was cleaning the neighboring site and said two of our puppies had wandered over there.  But we still had our three puppies – two more had come out of the woods.  So Peg fed them and the others joined in.  They slept on our feet, untied Pegs shoe laces, and investigated everything that moved or made a noise.  They were weaned but just barely.  Someone had recently dumped them out  to fend for themselves and they couldn’t.  We and the camp host had called the animal control center and the deputy sheriff with his cages came by that afternoon and we lost our family to which we had become very attached.  All five puppies had a definite portion of pit bull genes although the runt’s face was a little less like pit bull and was Peg’s favorite.  They were so little and cuddly that we think they would be adopted quickly.






The catfish made a nice meal that evening.  It was almost more than we could eat.

We are at Hales Landing Campground on Lake Seminole in southern Georgia almost exactly one year after we were here last.  We are sitting here looking out over our wood deck at the scoter ducks feeding on the water plants on the edge of Lake Seminole.


§ 6 Responses to Our temporary family

  • Barbara Goodman says:

    Im so glad you took in these little pups, I volunteer for ” Labrador and Friends Dog Rescue” in San Diego, Ca., it’s hard seeing what humans do to innocent dogs. If you come across puppies please call a rescue, they will make sure these pups get a forever home, not so much with a pound.
    Thanks for caring.

    • The deputy sheriff assured us that the puppies would be adopted. We assumed that would be through the humane society. Even if they would be put down, it would still be better than trying to survive in the woods and not being able to. If there is a next time, we will definitely keep the rescue groups in mind. Thanks for the input.

  • Jan Phillips says:

    This is great–loved the story and pix. I’d probably kept them if I had been there! Actually, probably not but I do miss having a pet but they do tie you down and the house gets dirty faster! I am sick of winter but we do have sun, blue skies, and 32 degrees this morning. Just got rid of all the snow from the last 6 wks. and it came back early this week. Love to you both!

    • We considered keeping them but let our adult side come through to tell our impetuous side that keeping five puppies (let alone grown dogs later) in our Casita travel trailer would be a mistake.

      Being up there in the snow for about an hour would be nice – but that’s it. Hang in there it will be summer soon.

  • Tammy Evans says:

    It would have been difficult for me to give them up too, but you are strong and smart for not giving in. Just wanted to let you know that we are currently living in Trinidad, Colorado (near the New Mexico boarder) if you happen to get through that area. Would love to see you!

  • We were in your new home last year as we headed north from New Mexico through Colorado where we stayed at the Dunes. We really enjoyed that.

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