Bear Country

November 29, 2013 § 4 Comments

Tent campers in another campground in the Ocala National Forest in north central Florida were bothered with bears last night so the rangers moved them to the day use area of the Fore Lake campground where we are staying.  They let the bears stay where they were.

The bears are not as prevalent in this campground but all the precautions must be followed so that the bears are not drawn here.  Violators are subject the fines and or eviction.

This is a nice rustic campground.  We enjoy the peace and quiet even though there are quite a few families here for the Thanksgiving weekend.







§ 4 Responses to Bear Country

  • Jan Phillips says:

    My goodness how good to hear from you! I hope all the health problems are fine by now. We had a lovely Turkey time out at Nick’s folks farm. Michelle cooked everything she could think of–so we had leftovers tonight!!!!!!! Weather is a little sporadic but we got through the country roads. Will try to remember to send you some pixs which Nick’s Mom took. Love ya!

    • Peg’s surgical wound is healing slowly. We emailed pictures to the surgeon pointing out that it had been 5 weeks and he said that there was healing tissue present and it would heal slower on the shin and slower since she is over 50. We’ll give it more time.

      After one surgical injection and two retinal operations, the retina in the left eye is so wrinkled that what sight is there is like a wavy mirror in a circus. About half of the view is blank. The retinal specialist in Macon thought that might indicate damage to the optic nerve. Wait and see what improvements take place. There was some suggestion of special glasses possible. We’ ll see.

      Thanksgiving on a farm sounds nice. We’re glad you were able to go.

  • arkaypee says:

    I didn’t realize there were bears in Florida. I guess I never thought about it. Did that remind you of the smokies when we were there? At least I think it was the Smokies.

    At least it is quiet where you are.

    How I the weather there?

    • I remember lying in the tent in the middle of the night or wee early morning hours when a bear nuzzled me through the tent side. I was so scared but I punched the nose through the tent side. The next thing I heard was splashing in the Little Pigeon River we were camped next to. I think that was the bear trying to get away.

      I think you were laying there in the tent too weren’t you? Lots of fun!

      Do you remember the bread being packed in the trunk near the camp stove gas can where it absorbed the fumes? It tasted horrible.

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