Cherry Tart ????

December 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

I wanted to bake a cherry pie and researched pie crusts.  I discovered that lard isn’t as as bad as its reputation and Crisco is not as good for you as its reputation.  The fat that was touted as best for you turned out to be the canola oil that we use in cooking anyway.  It was said that the oil could be used in pie crusts instead of solid shortening by reducing the amount by an eighth.

The result was a gooey glob that would not roll out well and was difficult to pickup to put in the pan.  So I molded the dough into a dish with sides hopefully strong enough to hold the cherry mixture.  It baked up fine in our toaster oven and the sides held.

The result was more like a cherry tart than a pie but it tasted good and Peg and I  finished it off in one afternoon.  The crust actually was good if a little on the thick side.  It was kind of like a shortbread.




§ One Response to Cherry Tart ????

  • Jan Phillips says:

    Looks good…never thought of trying to bake a pie in a toaster oven! Trying to get Christmas going but my arthritis sure slows me down which ticks me off! What are your Christmas plans? Love ya!

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