February 26, 2014 § 3 Comments

Peg loves real books to read and stops at many librarys to buy books.  She says that her intention is to then donate them in book exchanges along the way but she either postpones that until the van begins to groan from the weight and/or she indeed exchanges them for other books.

Harrison prefers ebooks.  One advantage is the ability to adjust the screen colors, contrast, and font size for easier reading not to mention ease of storage.

Peg recently asked Mark to read a book that she had read.  She wanted his opinion of it.  He dutifully slogged through it thinking there surely was a point to the book only to find that there was no point and he had wasted his time.

He decided on revenge and chose the largest book he could find at the time to give Peg.  Annals of the Former World is all about the geological history of the world.  Being made a whole book from five previously published books over many years.  For ease of electronic transport he did purchase it in kindle format for Peg to read so she could tell him what she thought of it.

Mark decided to read a little of the book to see what wrath he had set into motion.  He is now reading the interesting book.

Peg was busy with other books when this one arrived so Harrison began reading it and found it interesting also if indeed a little beyond his immediate vocabulary. 

Peg is now intrigued and will read it next.

Some storm clouds do have a silver lining.


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