Hales Landing

March 14, 2014 § 2 Comments

The first week here at Hales Landing on Lake Seminole in Southwest Georgia near Bainbridge we were parked in a secluded back corner site right on the water.   It was a wooded site with bogs.


After four days of rain, the mosquitos were born so we moved to a main stream site overlooking the water for the second week.



The first Bassmaster Elite Series tournament was this week with lots of big boy boats participating.  There is an island between us and the main channel of the Flint River portion of the lake so we can’t see all of the activity but we can sure hear the boats going out and coming back in for the weigh in.  They sound like a squadron of bombers going over.  Every once in a while especially during practice before the tournament a pro boat would fish in the quiet waters near us.


We visited the boat basin where the tournament headquarters and festival were including the ESPN2 trailer.  They cover the tournaments.

While we were there, we visited the small zoo and railroad display in the city park across the boat basin.




We are still discussing where to go next.  Weather is a large consideration.  This has certainly been a weird year weather wise.


§ 2 Responses to Hales Landing

  • Gerri Jones says:

    Looks like you guys landed a nice campsite!!! We have a couple of those type tournaments at West Point Lake in LaGrange from time to time. Those boats are pretty fancy!! It has been an awful winter to say the least. We have finally gotten our Casita out this week to attend the Green Eggs and Ham rally at Gunter Hill COE. It has been fairly cold with lots of wind and some rain at times but still good to be out camping!!!

    • We have been following the rally through blogs. Sounds like everyone has had a nice time despite the weather.

      I meant to say that the elite tournament here is the first of the year not the first ever.

      Looks like we should all batten down the hatches for storms tomorrow night.

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