May 10, 2014 § 3 Comments

We were amused recently when a blogger commented about having lived sixty some days in a Casita.  That was longest continuous time for that blogger.  That caused us to look back at some of our experiences over the more than one thousand nights we have continuously been in our Casita.  Most of the campgrounds we have stayed at have been nice and clean with each having it’s own ambiance.

Right now, we are in a Corps of Engineers campground at Rend Lake in southern Illinois for a short stopover before traveling north to our reservations at Lake Shelbyville in central Illinois.

We were not happy when we found that the relatively new asphalt parking pad was out of level by over four inches.  We ended up with one side of the trailer in the grass and the other side on the asphalt in order to be level.  That’s when we noticed the milk jug and pop can the slobs before us left behind.  This was particularly offensive to us because we had just been in a more typical Corps of Engineers park where the hosts spent a part of every day picking up bits and pieces keeping the whole campground neat and pleasant.  Oh well, we are only here for three nights.  And this is the view through our front door.



§ 3 Responses to Longevity

  • lynne says:

    That particular COE gets a lot of traffic! I notice my blogging friends staying there frequently. We had a rather unpleasant night there a few years ago. It was Sunday night of Labor Day weekend and our neighbors were a drunk, loud and foul mouthed family….pitied the kids!
    Worst experience camping in years.

  • cozybegone says:

    We had locals that live there all summer next to us…was not good! Just left Bo Woods on Lake Shelbyville today…26 days there and was nice and quiet. Made it six months in Casita until winter darkness set in…had to go bigger but its sure was the berries for towing! Sorry we missed you in IL!

  • Hi Peg and Harrison!
    Thanks for following. I’m a happy camper now you are joining me as I trip around by RV, plane, car and time machine to the past.
    Comments, compliments, critiques and wisecracks are most welcome.
    You have a great blog. Happy travels! “See” you again soon.
    Which Way Now 101 aka Carol

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