Casino Camping

August 30, 2014 § 4 Comments

Our only exposure to a casino was a small one in Christmas Michigan on the Upper Peninsula.   It was located at the entrance to Bay Furnace campground in the Hiawatha National Forest.   We salved our curiosity by going inside and looking around and we were not impressed.  The dim atmosphere was stale tobacco smoke and the slot machines were packed in wall to wall.

That was some time ago so the memory had faded some when we discovered the Three Rivers Casino and Hotel on the edge of Florence Oregon as we were exploring our surroundings.   We were amazed at the huge parking lot set aside for RV parking.  It turns out that this casino allows up to a week of free camping after which they ask a two week gap before another stay.

The campgrounds along the coast are are a little expensive so a free week of people watching sounded enticing especially since it fell over Labor Day when campgrounds are full.

So here we are having a good time in a parking lot.  We haven’t done that since our show days.  We are on asphalt pavement with garbage cans about a mile or so from groceries and a laundromat.

Naturally,  we had to check out the casino and hotel.   It appears to be an upscale operation even though the plush carpeting does reek of stale cigarette smoke and the slot machines are packed in wall to wall.  There are gaming tables and a craps table in the center and a poker room off to the side.

Free soft drinks and coffee are conveniently available 24/7 and if you are too busy pressing the slot machine buttons there are roaming waitresses that will get you any beverage you want.

We decided to join the free Players Club and win $5 to $100 of free slots play.  We each won $10.  So once or twice a day we go up to the casino to get some pop and use up fifty cents to a dollar of our free plays.  It doesn’t take long for that to happen and we walk around people watching.  The wide variety of people types in a casino is interesting.

We have now spent $7.50 between us with $12.50 to go.  We have won a grand total of $4.45.  We are not impressed but are enjoying our free week.


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