Sonoran Desert

November 7, 2014 § 4 Comments

We are sitting here enjoying our second cup of coffee in the Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite Arizona.   It doesn’t matter much where you are specifically in the Sonoran Desert you will see widely spaced shrubs of various kinds and far off backdrops of low mountains.




If you park next to a wash, the shrubs are more plentiful with a few trees mixed in.



Warm and dry as in low humidity are the key ingredients of this area.

The ‘ground’ is more gravel than sand.  Some rocks are large enough to turn an ankle if stepped on just right.

The area around Quartzsite AZ where we are now is rather quiet now but come January and February there will be thousands of rv’s and the town itself will be filled with vendors of all kinds.  We are told it will be a madhouse and from what we can see of the vendor and rv areas to be filled we are confident that is right.  We plan on being closer to Yuma AZ then.


§ 4 Responses to Sonoran Desert

  • Jan Phillips says:

    You guys are incredible. We could not possibly do what you are doing. Well, hell you are younger than we are. Dave has had imbedded hearing aids put in–because with Parkinson’s it is a problem to put them in daily. Frankly, I hate to shout at him all the time too! He is still going to PT for his knee because we lost a lot of time when he had a blood problem related to an antibiotic–almost lost him–and now we have to repeat about a month of PT! We have had a lovely fall weatherwise. Finally got to the OSU/PSU game and then MD–both depressing. Anyway, think of you often…and love ya’ us

  • lynne says:

    Looks like a nice campsite with all of the green shrubs….creosote? We always stay near Dome Rock and will be there in the madness come January. Town can get overwhelming but the peacefulness of the desert makes everything good.

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