November 8, 2014 § 4 Comments

Some time ago we purchased a couple LED replacement bulbs for the lights we most often use.  They are color corrected to mimic the yellowish incandescent bulbs which reduces the lumens output of the LED’S.

The reduction in 12 volt battery draw is amazing – from almost 2 amps to less than 1/2 amp.

The brightness of the bulbs depends mostly on the number of LED’s they are able to cram together.


They first assemble LED’s in groups or rows then solder the groups together.  This makes for some very tedious soldering and it is common for one or more groups to lose power usually by cycling on and off before failing completely.  Ours did exactly that and are now dim.

We started looking for new LED’s and thought we might find some at Quartzsite.  Our neighbor said he had good luck buying from a certain rv supply store for $11.  Before we could visit there, we spotted a vendor’s tent with a small sign that said $5 LED’s so I went inside.  All he had were white uncolor corrected.  He said he couldn’t sell the color corrected ones and threw them away.  When I told him Peg would not put up with the white ones, he handed me a $4 white one to take home and use.


It’s easier to read with the white ones but if we were to actually use them, we would want the more expensive $6 model that has more LED’s installed and therefore more lumens output.  I have no idea what the $5 LED sign referred to.

The jury is still out but Peg is still using the freebie so the white ones might be in our future.


§ 4 Responses to LED’s

  • Roger says:

    If you want to you can check out the place I get my LEDs from. They are much cheaper and work great.
    We are using them in the house, only with the E27 base for the lamps.
    Try DX.com (it stands for Deals Extreme) and see what you find. They are very much cheaper than at the store.
    How would you get your mail when you are not in SD? DX.com is mail order. Would that help?
    Check them out.

    • Thanks. Looks like DX has about any kind of bulb we want. We’ll have to study them carefully. Peg is very picky about the brightness and color of the lumens a bulb puts out.

      We get our mail at any General Delivery post office we are near when we request our accumulated mail be sent. The accumulated mail is just mailed to us there – takes 3 or 4 days usually. Sometimes our mail is over a month old When we get it. Our mail service sends an email when mail is received telling us where it came from so we have a pretty good idea what has been accumulated.


    • When we use mail order, we mearly have the order sent to us at General Delivery.

    • Or for a UPS order we have it held at a nearby UPS Customer Service Center for pickup.

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