Where are We

December 26, 2014 § 3 Comments

From phone conversations on Christmas, it was apparent that we might not have been current with our locations so this post is to bring family and friends up to date.  The RV readers out there are already aware of the details.

After our annual stop in Illinois for human body maintenance in May, we traveled through Missouri,  Kansas,  Nebraska,  Wyoming,  Montana,  Wyoming,  Montana,  Idaho,  Washington, Oregon, California, and are now in Arizona.

After visiting and camping at various locations in the desert locations around Yuma AZ,  Blythe CA, Quartzsite AZ, Bouse AZ, Prescott AZ, and Parker CA, we decided we might just as well settle in at the Bureau of Land Management La Posa Long Term Visitor Area in the Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite AZ.  Camping on BLM land outside of the LTVA is limited to two weeks at a time then you must move at least twenty five miles to another site which is what we were thinking we would do but decided that the differences between sites weren’t worth it.  There are seven LTVA’S in the Yuma, Blythe, Quartzsite area.  You can stay in any or all of them for a one time fee of $180 for the seven month season which is still a deal for three months or so.

The LTVA we are in is probably in excess of 50 square miles – maybe 100 square miles –  of pure desert where visitors may park anywhere.  Everyone has views of mountains.  We are parked next a dry wash with our own Palo Verde tree.


There is a sanitary dump, garbage dumpster, and well water spigets available which we have to visit every week or so because of our limited holding tank capacities.  We cook, shower, wash dishes, and whatnot every day.

Our electric needs are supplied with batteries which are recharged with solar panels and/or generator regularly.  The refrigerator, cooktop, and water heater are fueled with propane.

We have good over the air TV reception here except periodic interference.

What neighbors we have are not too close and generally parked along the dry washes.



Much of the rest of the area is empty for now.  We’ll see what it is like in January.

Quartzsite is a very small town during most of the year but is officially the world’s largest flea market and gem show in January and February.  Vendors of everything imaginable from motor homes to groceries to light bulbs have been moving in during December.  We are told that things seriously wind down by April.

A few of the businesses are year round including two grocery stores.  One of those has an old fashioned butcher with reasonable prices so we are eating more juicy meat than we intend to tell my cardiologist about.

We are not accustomed to staying in one place for more than two weeks at a time but we find ourselves very comfortable here so far.  We are looking forward though to seeing green grass further north and east next Spring.

Quartzsite used to be Tyson Wells and has had an interesting history including camel herding but that is another story.


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