Almost ready to start east

March 11, 2015 § 2 Comments

Well we stayed 5 days at Oglby Rd west of Yuma AZ.  The old mining town of Tumco is near by.   There is not much left of the old town and it was so large when abandon that quite a bit of walking is needed to see it all – most of which is crumbled stone walls and some large rusty processing tanks – so we only saw a little bit.  The surface mining on the slopes is evident.  It looks like they dug trenches is the rock face.


Later they dug shafts for under ground mining.


We weren’t too impressed.

We then went to the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitors Area north of Yuma AZ.  The camping areas are the flattened tops of short mountains/tall hills.


We parked in a little cul de sac surrounded by steep slopes.


The start of the bombing runs for the Barry Goldwater Airforce Range was right over us.  Various types of air craft practiced including helicopters but the impressive ones were the four engined heavy bombers.  They would swing around right over us to line up for their run.

We are now in Fortuna AZ which is a burb of Yuma at a BLM camping area just off route 95 adjacent to the VFW.
The camping area is mostly an open sandy field with a wooded area along the east side.  We were lucky enough to snag a spot in the trees.



We are here to restore all provisions before heading east.  This includes gasoline,  propane, groceries, adult beverages,  and laundry. 

There is a crop duster’s air field near here and they do their thing at night.  At least one of the hot shot pilots flies low over our camp after take off at full throttle.   It is loud but doesn’t last long at high speed.  We like to believe it’s a sign acknowledgement -saying hi to us!

Temperature predictions here vary widely – 88 to 93 – through the weekend.  We are not sure where we will be!!!!


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