Our Motel Room/Home Continued

May 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Before we got our van and motel room on wheels, we had a small wagon and cargo trailer.



We were sure new to this RVing thing but got the hang of it fairly quickly.  As it started out to be our motel room on wheels, we quickly began to think of it as a second home.  We became quite comfortable in the Casita.

During the summer we typically lived out of the trailer over long weekends participating in art shows then created more inventory during mid week.  In the winter we would live in the Casita 3 months or so participating in art shows in the south then spend December working at home and having Christmas then head south again for 3 or 4 months before returning to our summer schedule.

Each time we left or returned home, we packed or unpacked the Casita.  We soon began to stock the Casita with it’s own supply of canned foods, extra clothes, towels, dishes, pots and pans, etc., etc. which shortened the loading and unloading effort but it still was a nuisance.

There came a time that we wondered why we were maintaining two homes and after Harrison’s 2009 heart attack we reevaluated the whole thing and realized what we really wanted to do and after the 2010 summer show season we went full time in our most comfortable home – the Casita.

The van became our basement/attic/garage for the stuff we kept. Now we could relax and stop and smell the roses.  And that is what we have been doing.  We have now stayed in all of the contiguous 48 states and intend to concentrate on the locations that we enjoy the most.


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