Ice Cubes

May 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

In the beginning we would leave home with bags of ice cubes in the Casita freezer.  When we stayed out long enough for those to be exhausted, we would fill our ice cube trays and freeze them in the freezer.  Of course we now have the trays freezing all the time while we use out of a bag of already frozen cubes.


One summer we were camped near another artist participating in a show at Marquette Michigan.  They had a Scamp travel trailer and the discussion came around to ice cubes.  We were explaining how we went about it when they spoke up and said they can’t  freeze ice cubes in their refrigerator.  We found that odd but went on about our business not thinking too much about it until later we became aware that most RV’s have refrigerators like ours.  There are two main brands that are very much alike.  They most likely had one of the brands in their trailer.  We then surmised that they could not freeze ice cubes because the owner’s manual says that the freezer is intended to keep things frozen – not freeze them.  We ignored that part and froze ice cubes but we believe they must have taken the statement as gospel.

There are a lot of things like that that crop up living in your RV.  Just do it!



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