Main Street Urbana

June 28, 2015 § 2 Comments

Main street in Urbana Illinois between Race Street on the west and Broadway Avenue on the east is lined with two story buildings that abut one another.  Crane Alley breaks the buildings in the middle of the block.




We used to shop in some of these buildings in the 1950’s.   The stores that were in the buildings are no longer there.

There was a drug store at the southwest corner of Main that we visited for a small purchase the night before our wedding.  Several buildings on that corner including the drug store were torn down later to build a parking garage.


There was a small restaurant across the street.  There was a grocery store somewhere along the north side of Main.

The Princess movie theater was at the northwest corner of Crane Alley and Main Street.  It’s now called the Cinema but no longer shows movies.



Tepper’s hardware was at the southwest corner of Crane Alley and Main.  That is where Harrison purchased a reel type lawn mower for $100 to start a lawn mowing business while in high school.


Penney’s  was on the Southeast corner of Crane Alley and Main.  That is where many of our clothes where purchased first with our parents and then all on our own – all grown up!


The Penneys  building is now the Crane Alley Restaurant & Bar with extended seating at tables in the alley and the sidewalk along Main street.  That is where Gregg and Genia took us on a Sunday for the annual all you can eat crawfish boil.  We sat at a sidewalk table along the curb within arms length of the traffic giving us a good view of the street scape that brought back memories while eating good food.



Thank you Gregg and Genia.


§ 2 Responses to Main Street Urbana

  • Tammy Evans says:

    It’s been too long since I’ve been to Champaign/Urbana. I would’nt recognize any of it these days. Glad you’re enjoying you’re visit back home…if you still call it home!

  • Jan Phillips says:

    Great pictures but doesn’t look like the Urbana I remember. You will have to give Clay and Melanie camping lessons…they have been down in the Smokey Mtns. for a week. Forgot to put down their awning in a rain storm and a tree limb got it! Glorious morning here we got up to no rain–first time in many days! Love ya!

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