Harrison’s Health Upate

November 20, 2015 § 1 Comment

Last week we saw an eye doctor in Bainbridge GA who found that the reason for Harrison’s eye pain was an elevated itraocular pressure.  Normal is 10 to 21 with most people at 15 or 16.  Harrison’s was at 64.  Two days later we were at a retinal specialist in Dothan AL for a procedure that destroys a portion of the celiary body that produces the eye fluid.

It appears that there was an ocular stroke and the eye made up for the reduced blood by creating new vessels which grew into a squiggly mass closing off where the eye fluid drains.  Reducing the creation of fluid in the eye should reduce the pressure.

So we are stuck at Lake Seminole until the swelling goes down and the pressure lowers.  Hopefully in two more weeks we will be able to head farther south.

The Corps of Engineers  campgrounds limit stays to two weeks so we are staying at more than one campground while recuperating at Lake Seminole which lies in both Georgia and Florida.  We started out near Chattahoochee FL and are now near Bainbridge GA.  We’re not sure where we will be for Thanksgiving.


§ One Response to Harrison’s Health Upate

  • Jan Phillips says:

    Good Heavens –just one thing after another–right!!!! Always good to hear from you and keep it coming. Last home football game tomorrow–plan to make it! We are not moving too swiftly but hanging in there. Happy Turkey!!! Love you!

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