We are still here

December 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

Our home for two weeks at Eastbank campground near Chattahoochee FL on Lake Seminole.


Eastbank campground site 12


Eastbank campground site 12 back yard

We moved on Sunday back to Hales Landing campground near Bainbridge GA from Eastbank campground.  Now we will be here for two weeks.  Both campgrounds are on Lake Seminole about 30 miles apart. We are biding our time to give Harrison’s  eye pressure a chance to stabilize.   Since the pressure was slowly lowering on the 4th , the doc did not want to kill any more of the celiary body with cryotherapy because it could end up to be too much.  That would turn the eye into a raisin.   We’ll see on the 30th if it has stabilized.  If it has, then the question is if the pressure is low enough.  If not low enough he will kill a couple more spots otherwise we head on south for the rest of the winter.

Since the drains in the eye are shot, the idea is to reduce the liquid that is created in order to control the pressure.  The liquid is created by the celiary body that surrounds the eye.  The more of that that is killed the less liquid that is created.  The vision in that eye is almost gone but we want to save what peripheral vision is left.

So we are still here within commuting range for the Doctor in Dothan AL.

Although we had a cold spell for a couple days, the weather here has been very nice.  We certainly made the right call by heading southeast instead of southwest this winter.  The weather out there has been cold, windy, and wet.  Actually  we are now in a wet pattern ourselves but warm.  Looks like we will break records for Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all.  Take care wherever you are in this crazy weather.


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