Spring Update

March 26, 2016 § 3 Comments

We wintered in Florida in the Ocala National Forest and the Osceola National Forest with roads and sites like these.




This was the first winter that we used a Little Buddy propane heater instead of the furnace to save electricity.   To economize on the cost of propane, we refilled the one pound canisters from our 20 pound barbecue tank using a snoozle.  It worked great and saved us at least 75% of the cost of propane canisters.



We started our trip north with stays at two Lake Seminole campgrounds where we both had the stomach flu at the same time.  Oh what fun we have!

Then it was on to Hardridge Campground on Walter George Lake in Alabama
near Fort Gaines GA.   Our campsite was on a peninsula with water on both sides.




We are now at Dewayne Hayes Campground near Columbus MS on the Tenn-Tom Waterway.   We get quite a kick out of watching the tugs pushing barges on the waterway.


We will eventually dart up to South Dakota to renew our driver’s licenses then back down to Champaign Illinois to D & W Lake campground where we have reservations for four months starting May 1st.  We might not stay the whole four months depending on how we feel.

Happy Easter to everyone.   Don’t eat too much celebrating the resurrection.


§ 3 Responses to Spring Update

  • Tammy Evans says:

    Apparently Mom, Dad, Tina and Tracy do not get your updates. Would you please add them to your email list. The following are their email address:

    pdp1112@gmail.com (Mom) rkp4@comcast.net (Dad) chocomom70@gmail.com (Tracy) tlcbizcon@aol.com (Tina)

    Take care and Happy Easter!


    • It seems that I’m not able to add followers to the email notification list. There is a ‘follow’ button which, when clicked, adds the address of who ever clicks it. I successfully added myself to the list without being able or having to add the address. It seems to me I remember discussing this with your dad some time ago. I hope you can get him to do it!!!! Please try.

  • Cozygirl says:

    We seem to be so close but not close enough. Nice park in Champaign…love their Sat market!

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