D & W Lake

July 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

We’re still in Champaign Illinois  at D & W Lake campground and we’ve decided that staying put for a while is not conducive to staying young.  We need to be moving!

Before we can act on our bad case of hitch itch, we need a few more doctor’s appointments to stabilize Harrison’s eye medications now that hopefully all procedures have been done.  So we are still thinking we will take off right after Labor Day. 

We enjoyed having Harrison’s brothers and some extended family here in June although we were in a little fog and took few pictures.  Our extended family came from Houston TX, St Petersburg FL, and Urbana IL while David and Jan came from State College PA and Roger and Pat with daughter’s family came from the Aurora IL area.  It made for quite a group that was able to stay for several days.

The weekend of the Fourth of July brought a very nice fireworks show shot off from across the lake just for the campground guests.  They reflected nicely in the lake which was as calm as a mirror.  The fireworks actually took place between rain events.  The result was fantastic.

The next day they had the annual picnic in the pavilion garage because of rain – all day.  Despite that it was very nice and both of us won a prize!

One of the wonderful events that took place during our stay here is Harrison’s hernia repair. That turned out to be pretty much a non-event because it went so smoothly. 

We have been walking the corridors of the Market Place Mall because we are able to walk farther there – probably because of the smooth and flat surface.  It’s cooler there too.  Of course the distractions help pass the time such as Victoria’s Secret, the jewelry stores, and of course the new Field and Stream store.  Today we passed a kiosk with this sign that caught our eye.

The kiosk rents electric animal scooters to ride around the mall so the ID requirement probably makes sense but it looks a little odd.

A while back, we got a sample of oriental food as we passed through the food court – both times!

Sometimes, Peg stops to shop a special and then catches up – she is the faster walker.


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