We’re on the move

March 18, 2017 § Leave a comment

We left the Sonoran Desert south of Quartzsite AZ last monday for a higher and cooler camp.  The first night at the Forest Service White Spar campground near Prescott AZ,  our furnace decided not to work.  We have an appointment to get it fixed next week.  So we are now in cooler nights without heat.  Cosying under the covers works very well except for the occasional potty run.  In the mornings,  the percolating coffee pot helps heat the trailer but lighting the second burner on the stove works even better.  To circulate the air better we aim a fan at the ceiling.  This eats up the oxygen in the trailer but we are able to monitor that with our oxygen meter and freshen the air when needed.

We bought a Little Buddy propane heater last year for times when we didn’t want to run the furnace.   It worked for a while then decided it didn’t want to light anymore.  It would light sometimes but was way too much work for the times it did work.  When the furnace broke this week, we got the Little Buddy out of storage.  Low and behold it lit and we set it on the floor between the bathroom door and the entrance door.  This location allows the heat to get to the dinette area best.

It soon began to emit fumes rising from the catalytic burner.  We figured they were propane and wondered what to do.  There was no way I wanted to lean over the heater to turn it off.  That problem was solved when the accumulated fumes blew up.  That left low flames at the heater burner so I quickly picked it up and took it outside.  Picking it up activated the tip over protection switch which shut down everything and I just sat it down outside and left it.

There was no damage this time but there will not be a next time.

We’ve been able to get enough sun in this pine forest for the solar panels to charge the batteries.  It’s nice to not have to use the generator.

The forest service rebuilt the camp sites here a couple years ago and the are very nice.

It will be a lot nicer when our funace is fixed.


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