After 25 plus years in the consulting engineering field and a few years of software development, we (Peg and Harrison) exhibited and sold photographic art at juried art shows throughout the central and southern states for many years.  We are now retired from the shows and are traveling full time.  We are trying to actually see the areas that we hurried through from show to show.

Our home is a 17 foot Casita Spirit Deluxe pulled behind a GMC Savana extended chassis van.

We are fully self sufficient with generator and solar power.


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  • cozybegone says:

    Just ran through your blog. Was it hard to get campsites in COE’s in FL in the winter or did you have to plan ahead. And do you get 50% off with a Senior Natl Pass? I love that you love your Casita as much as we do…. Thinking all the art fairs we’ve gone to in IL…I bet we saw your work.

  • cozybegone says:

    1/2 price !! We’re in Decatur. St. Joe is the statue you burying in your yard to bring you good luck :O)

  • lynne says:

    Hi Harrison. I saw your reply to Cozybegone….think I met you at Lake Dorr in February. Glad to be connected to your blog!

    • For some reason we were tardy about getting around the loop to where you were parked. When we did get around you were gone and I could’t remember your blog name. Hope to see you again down the road.

  • josephlacey12 says:

    Hi…. I’d love to chat… and possibly visit you. I’m just starting out in my Casita liberty with 2 therapy dogs… 1st trip (shakedown) for 4 days at Quartzsite. test my solar and myself. Live in Surprise, AZ. Haven’t located where to stay in Quartzsite (yet) Leave here 12/14 until 12/18.

    • What kind of solar setup do you have?

      • josephlacey12 says:

        I just started 135 suitcase… (triple panel) tied to battery terminal, threaded over the water heater so output feeds through the 110v extension cord door. A friend helped me… now I have to find out how effective it is.

        Crazy situation.. bought 2010 sight unseen… Wanted a Freedom… that was advertised. Bought it (Texas)… arrived as a Liberty… Already paid for and delivered… So… I’m hoping I can make it work. Large dogs… so I need all the room I can squeeze in. Also looking at portable solar trickle so I don’t have to pull battery when Casita in storage.

      • We get along pretty well with 2 100 W panels even though we watch TV all evening. So I can’t imagine you will not have enough juice.

        The furnace fan does use up a lot of amps. And this usually occurs when there is the least daily sunlight.

        I would recommend having a generator for backup.

      • josephlacey12 says:

        This is my 2nd Casita (long story). No desire for generator now… The fan amp conserns me. I wonder if a small crock pot is also too much of amp draw.

        I don’t watch TV . Do have laptop. Upgraded original inverter. Before wife died, other Casita had generator, solar for full-time. She passed before we could go anywhere. I sold the rig… about 5 years ago.

        This is my last chance. Strong desire… (my daylight is burning)

      • I believe a crock pot would be too much drain for your solar set up especially if you only have the one house battery and no generator.

      • josephlacey12 says:

        Thanks…. I guess I’ll prepare at home, freeze and take contents with me. I just bought a 12v (cigarette lighter) RoadPro portable stove. Will try it out with beans/weens for the 2 hr trip from Phoenix to Quartzsite next Thursday.

        Maybe use the heater fan only couple times… double sleeping bag for warmth otherwise… (noisy fan).

      • The Roadpro sounds nice. It received good user reviews.

      • josephlacey12 says:

        I will find out. Depending on how much amp it draws… it might be useful in the Casita. I’ve a friend who says he will help me install a digital thermostat… that could help limit the amp draw on the furnace fan… I’ll see if we can do that on Wednesday before Quartzsite.

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